Sunday, 23 February 2014


Now if you're like me, you love having a clear, tidy, modern and slightly shabby chic looking bedroom. Here are a few things that I have seen around the shops that I absolutely love and you might be interested in too!

This showgirl room divider is so lush! Its quite pricey but its just so perfect, just imagine it in your bedroom now, go on, how cute does it look, right? At the minute I'm quite into vintage showgirl/pinup girls so when I saw this my heart swooned. Now for another bit of imagining! Imagine the vintage boudoir mannequin stood next to the room divider in your room... perfecto!

I always have a throw over the end of my bed on top of my duvet incase I get cold in the night and for extra decoration, so this floral one would look so cute in my room. I'm also a lover of cushions and teddies on top of my bed, and this kitten one is so adorable, how could anyone not want it!

I don't think you can ever have enough little decorations within your room, just for those extra little touches, so the clock and plaque are the kind of things that I like around me just to create a cute vintage atmosphere and feel. The jars I thought were really detailed and intricate and would look so good filled with those smelly petal things you can get from IKEA and Dunelm Mill and so on or even filled with marbles or beads.

What's on your home decor wishlist at the minute?

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  1. I love the Zara jars! :) Definitely adding those to my wishlist!
    The vintage room divider is gorgeous too!

    1. I know right! I never thought to look in the Zara Home section before, but its filled of little gems that are so perfect!

      victoria x


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