Sunday, 16 February 2014


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The Sibling AW14/15 Ready-To-Wear Collection is said to be 'about stepping back in time to the seventies' according to Vogue, which I can totally see! The hats, the crotchet, the flared trousers, they have literally taken all of the wonderful fashion bits from the era and crammed into their collection. My favourite look has to be the first one I have shown here with the pink crotchet skirt, purple body top and black hat. I love these kinds of hats to begin with and to incorporate them with such beautiful clothes, - well you're on a winner with me! To sum the collection up, I'd say chic and sophisticated, with a modern edge. Also, I would say it is timeless, something you could take from era to era and it would still be considered 'fashionable' and appropriate to wear from day to night!

What are your thoughts on Sibling AW14/15 Ready-To-Wear?

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