Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Bag - Primark £6.00

One of my favourite type of blog post and youtube video is a good old 'Whats in my bag', so I thought I would do one of my own to show you what I carry around with me. I also thought that I have a few different type of bags : a day-to-day bag, a uni bag, and a traveling home and back to uni bag. SO! over the next few weeks I'm going to do a post on each of these bags and what I take with me. Anyway, enough babbling! Here is what I take with me in my daily bag.

-Firstly my prescription glasses get placed in my bag, mainly so I don't forget them and because I end up with the worst headache if I don't wear them when I need too!
-Next comes my purse, obviously a must have as you never know when you need to spend or splurge some money.
-I get quite sore lips quite quickly at this time of year, so my Carmex helps them stay soft and smooth. However I do wear my MAC Up the amp lipstick majority of the time to try and keep my lips moisturised and look presentable at the same time! 
-Rather than carry a massive perfume bottle around for the day, I received a 'The perfume Shop' travelo dupe for Christmas last year and I use it all the time! Its so much easier to top it up with some of my favourite perfume to spray myself with throughout the day.
-I'm not an asthmatic, however the doctors prescribed me an inhaler since I can remember as I get short of breath easily, so this is a must have in my bag from day to day. 
-The amount of times I have been out and about and found myself in a situation where I need a pen but haven't had one is crazy, so I make sure I carry one with me all the time now. 
-Chewing gum, for obvious reasons - after food and drink, I hate nasty after tastes in my mouth!
-Paracetamol, incase I get a headache for not wearing my glasses when I need too!
-I take my iPhone 4s everywhere! Who doesn't? I don't know what I would do without it, I would feel as if a part of me was lost. Thats quite bad isn't it?
-I find that if I have my headphones, I can listen to music to pass the time quicker if I am on the bus/train, in a long queue, or to make me feel less awkward in those situations where you're by yourself and don't want to look like a total loner!

What's in your day-to-day bag?
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  1. I love these kind of posts, great job on the blog.
    Really love it.
    I would love it if we could stay in touch(GFC/Twitter/IG ??)
    Followed you on Twitter. :)

    Glitter And Blush

    1. thanks so much!
      Of course, all of my links are above in the blogpost.
      Just drop me a tweet or comment whenever, I love meeting and talking to new people :)

      victoria x


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