Saturday, 19 April 2014


Shoes: River Island | Socks: Primark

I bought these sandals around February time after I had seen a few people in them last summer, so I had to pick them up ASAP before stocks run out as per usual around summertime. I had forgotten about them until recently my friend also purchased a pair  and I realised I had to dig them out and share them with the world! I am a massive fan of beautiful ugly shoes and these definitely fall in that category (I think so anyway!)

They cost me £40 (here) from River Island, however I know that New Look have started selling them for around £20 and they are practically exactly the same. They are super comfy, however they have annoyingly started to squeak every time I walk in them which is slightly weird and embarrassing when around town haha!

If you know me you will know that I have a weird thing about toes and will hardly ever get mine out in front of people, hence why I choose to wear pretty frilly socks with these shoes to make them look even cuter - with them being black means I can style them with almost any colour sock/tight I which!

Whats your opinion on beautiful ugly shoes? Have you got any similar?
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