Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hat: Topshop | Necklaces: Charity Shop/Topshop | White Tshirt: Topshop | Fishnet Vest: Primark | Jeans: Primark | Belt: Charity Shop | Watch: Citizen | Ring: Primark/Accessorize | Shoes: River Island

Now its warmer I can feel comfortable showing flesh, even if it is only a little bit of midriff! As usual I tend to lean more toward a grunge/girly look with the fishnet and accessories and as the outfit if overall quite plain, I added a few more than usual to spice things up.

I just want to bring to light how much of a bargain these jeans were! So I did have a pair of Topshop Mom jeans which I had for around a year, but they either shrunk in the wash or I outgrew them (I like to tell myself that they shrunk) but I came across these in Primark for only £13 and they are practically the exact same but for more than half the price. Some of you may look past Primark and think that the quality or designs aren't up to scratch within current trends, but seriously at the minute its worth checking out before splurging on something you could have for a fraction of the price.

Not really been up to much, just strolling around in sun making the most of it while I can (I shall explain why in an upcoming 'chit chat' post). But I hope you are making the most of the sun as Summer is finally on the way, yippee!

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  1. LOVE the 90s vibes in this outfit! looks like you've just stepped out of Clueless :) x

    cat // Je Suis Cat


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