Friday, 13 June 2014


If you read my posts often you may wonder 'why is she posting so early, its normally evening time she uploads?' well this is the exciting stuff I was on about in my last post, I have finally found a job! I am now a sales consultant in Boots - Ok it's not the most fashionable job and not relatable to my studies, but its money right? Being a student, thats my main problem at the minute so I needed to take any job thrown at me. Before this I was cat-sitting for my auntie, not really a career aye? haha.

This has been why I haven't been able to upload as many posts lately as I have been settling in and been on the late shift, but I am adjusting to early mornings again so I can start posting at these times instead. I love blogging too much to just stop because of a job!

Also, next wednesday I am off to Rome until the following Sunday so I am planning on posting some holiday related posts over the coming days as I love those types of posts to help my own planning and I hope to help some of you on your travels and plans. 

I won't ramble on anymore, I hope you all have a lovely day in the sunshine while I'm working later. *sad faces* 

Where are you off to this summer on your travels?
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