Sunday, 1 February 2015


Recently I purchased the 'Kiehls rare earth pore cleansing masque', I found that it has helped my skin and complexion massively, so I have been lusting over their hydrating overnight masque to see the effects this will have! 
A few clothing items Ive seen lately while mooching through websites is the mesh Alexander McQueen top that is so far out of my price range but its a wish list so hey! The Calvin Klein bralet is so basic yet the perfect undergarment, but I just can't justify almost thirty pounds on it at the moment. Recently I gained a permanent job in a perfume shop, so I've been eyeing up Chanel Coco Mademoiselle as one of my first staff purchases as it smells absolutely divine!
If you've been following this blog for a while you will know how much of a shoe fanatic I am, so why not add another pair to my collection? I love how simple the Adidas Superstar || are yet they look so stylish with almost any ensemble. Lastly, I have been saving for a designer bag for years now and I have finally the finances too I have been searching for the 'one' I came across this little number and fell in love instantly. Hopefully soon il be posting on the blog with it as my new purchase! aha!

What are you wishing for lately?
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  1. I'm always eyeing up new trainers.. so easy to just live in! wonderful post!

    1. They are so easy aren't they! I feel so much more comfy in them!

      Victoria x


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