Saturday, 7 February 2015


Ok, this is a longer post than normal, but I've kept it as brief as possible for you guys to read, as not to bore you! enjoy!

Met at the university at 3am to travel to Heathrow.
Flew from Heathrow at 8.30am, arriving at JFK 11.30 at local time.
Dropped our luggage a the hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania - not the nicest of hotels but the location was great as it was quite central.
Unpacked and checked out the area around the hotel.
Went to watch Brooklyn Nets Vs. Houston Rockets basketball game at the Barclays Centre, Brooklyn. JAYZ AND BEYONCE WERE HERE, I WAS BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS BEYONCE!
I don’t understand basketball at all, but it was an experience.
Headed home for an early-ish night to try and get over the jetlag.

Up at 9am for a fashion tour of Manhattan, visiting the ‘ladies mile’, Soho, Chelsea, Greenwich and much more.
Visitied the FIT Museum for the Faking it: Originals, copies and counterfeits exhibition.
Had to stop for some real American slices of pizza! They were so tasty it was unreal.
Went to Times Square, popping in shops like American Apparel, Sephora, etc along the way to pick up some goodies.
Explored Central Park, its such a peaceful place in the middle of such a hectic city, was so surreal.
Bought my first ever Wendys Burger meal, it was probably the best burger I have ever eaten!
Visited the Empire State Building that evening. Was an emotional experience, with beautiful views and an amazing aura. Definitely a highlight of my entire New York trip.
Up at 9am again, this time for a tour of Macy’s. Got to learn the insides of the store and how they work, very interesting.
Managed to get lost on the subway, ending up in the middle of Harlem!
Eventually found ourselves Downtown and took the ferry over the the Statue of Liberty.
I have never been so cold, as I was on the ferry to reach Liberty Island, it was horrible, but worth it.
Paid our respects at the 9/11 memorial, such a beautiful place for lost ones to be remembered. Was very emotional, but lovely to see.
Took a trip along Wall street before moving on to China Town and Little Italy.
Had dinner at a little place called the Food Center, a quaint restaurant with lovely staff and wonderful food, definitely worth a visit!

Last day in New York, travel home this afternoon, so woke early to make the most of the time we had left.
Dunkin’ Doughnuts for breakfast, the most amazing doughnuts I have ever eaten.
Revisited shops to pick up last minute gifts and purchases.
Found the Alice in Wonderland statue within central park -I am obsessed with the story, so I was eager to find this!
Went to Times Square for once last glimpse.
Shared a 50 McNugget box at Mcdonalds between two of us - We just had too!
Sadly had to travel home after this!

I have to say I had the most amazing time in New York. Ive never found a city to be so inspirational and full of dreams as I did this one, I highly recommend visiting it at some point within your lifetime just to experience the amazing views, culture, attractions and definitely the FOOD! 

Have you been to New York, what did you think? Where else have you been on your travels?

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  1. this looks amazing! i've always wanted to go to new york, the photos are beautiful! xx

    1. The pictures don't do it justice, it is SO worth the money if you do eventually go!

      Victoria x


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