Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I think almost every blogger went through the phase where they would blog loads, then not blog for weeks, then write up an 'apology' post to say sorry to readers for not posting everyday. But I have finally come the realisation that I am blogging for myself just as much as everyone else, so I will blog when I want too, when I feel I have a good enough reason to blog and if I have the time! If I don't go by these rules that I have set myself it all becomes a bit of a chore and I don't want that at all. 

Ive come up with a few pointers that I follow, to try and help others:

Be in the mood.
Make sure you feel as though you want to blog, don't force yourself to write up a post or take some blog photos. If you're not feeling it, it really does show through the way that you write and through the quality of your photos. Maybe take an hour or two to do something you enjoy, or make yourself a brew and then go back to writing a post when you feel motivated. 

Get comfortable.
I usually blog from the comforts of my bed, or a cushions chair. With a hot cup of tea, biscuits and treats and light smelt candles around my room just to create a nice atmosphere around me while I write up my posts. Obviously this may not be the way that everyone else does it, but just make yourself comfortable and you will blog well!

Find inspiration.
Read other blogs, magazines, books, look at the world around you. Gain inspiration from everything! You can literally blog about anything that you want, your experiences, other peoples experiences, what you want to do, go, see, what you are wearing, what you are going to wear, what you wish you could wear... The list is never ending!

Map out your ideas.
I usually make a list of all my ideas, and map out what I want to include in each post. I have a little 'blog book' that I jot down all my thoughts that I want to write about. I don't plan out a blogging schedule because thats when I feel it all gets a bit difficult to keep up with my blog as well as an everyday routine (with me being at University, I have to give myself some time to do actual work as well!) 

Once you feel ready, comfy and organised just blog away! Who knows where it will take you!

What is your blogging routine? Is it similar to mine?
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