Saturday, 15 March 2014


This is a follow up post to the 'Whats in my day-to-day bag' post (here) I made a few weeks ago. I thought I would give you an idea what I carry around with me on various days, depending what I am up too! Here is what I take with me in my University bag.

-A PukkaPad is a must have to take into lectures and seminars, so that you can jot down any notes or tips that lecturers may point out or help you with. Also its somewhere to doodle in if you're bored out of  your mind!
-I take around a magazine with me just incase I have a break in between classes or the lecturers late and so on as it just gives me something to read and do in the meantime.
-My prescription glasses are a life saver in lectures when I struggle to see the interactive board and they also save me from getting the worst headaches!
-I get so peckish so quickly, so I carry around a little snack with me just to give me a boost of energy throughout the day. Sometimes I forget to take one and it makes the day drag so much when Im starving!
-I seem to carry around lip products with me all the time! I'm obsessed with having some sort of product on my lips, otherwise I feel naked. I'm really loving this 'Famous by Sue Moxley' lipstick in shade8 at the moment as its quite a nude and natural colour, but still adds a different touch to my makeup look.
-Pen/pencil/highlighter to help jot down those important notes, or to doodle all over my pad!
-Lastly I like to take a bottle of water to uni as the rooms tend to be quite warm, so getting dehydrated is very likely otherwise.

What's in your uni/college/school bag?
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