Saturday, 15 March 2014


 Topshop folklore collection here

Fashion is no stranger to the odd boho, hippy, festival chic collection here and there. However, I really do think Topshop's new Folklore collection has ticked all of the boxes and given us the most perfect boho collection ever! (can you tell I love the collection yet?)

Above are a few of my favourite pieces - I wish I could buy them all but my bank won't stretch that far! I love the clashing colours, bright fabrics and canvas bags/purses. I really hope that our English summer will last long enough to really take this trend to town and wear it to death! These looks are typical ones that you would see at a festival throughout the summer and I can bet you that it will be just as popular this year after collections like this one have boosted the interest in boho fashion trends!

Have you check out the collection yet? What's your favourite piece?

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