Monday, 21 July 2014


Shock, Victoria's bought something from Primark again! I couldn't miss this opportunity though, as I I had been looking at this exact type of shoe on ebay, Lamoda, Public Desire, etc. about to spend £20-£30 pound, when I stumbled upon these beauties in Primark. They look exactly the same, and are probably made of the same quality materials which is a bargain at only £14!

I think these may become my new 'going out' shoes as I just can't seem to hack heels in clubs and pubs anymore. Ive become a 'Flats for the win!' kind of girl lately and with the low, flatform type of heel these will be more than comfortable. I can't wait to style them with fishnet socks and colourful frilly ones too as I'm not that keen on toes haha!

Picked up any bargains recently?
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  1. These are gorgeous! I need to check my Primark if they have these in stock. Maybe not in holographics but plain white would be super nice. :) I'm constantly switching between prefering heels or flats - I just can't make up my mind on what I like more!
    Elina | Cupcake Kisses

    1. I know they definitely had them in black, so Im guessing they should be in white in some stores! I love wearing heels they just kill my poor feet :(

      victoria x


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